Please find below answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about shopping at SwiSh...

Q. What ball should I choose?

A. Each brand offers a range of balls from cheap to expensive depending on the materials and intended use. Think about where you will use the ball (indoors/outdoors/both), what you want to use the ball for (fun, training, match-play), which size you require (depending on age and gender). Also, if you play in a league, it may be sponsored by a specific brand that might influence your selection. The filters in the shop should then help you choose a ball. 

We also have a page giving hints on ball selection and care that you might find useful to read. 

Q. What size should I get?

A. Sizes do vary from brand to brand. All clothing, footwear and basketball products should have a link to the relevant sizing guide for the brand and age/gender it is intended for.  The Size Chart link is on the product page below the "Add to Cart" button. 

We recommend using the filters menu to select and view what is available in your size (multiple selections possible - e.g. M and L).

Another useful hint, particularly when buying a gift is to measure a garment of the required fit as a comparison.

Q. How quickly will I receive my order?

A. Whenever possible we dispatch within one working day of payment clearance on most orders. Extra checks on payment or address verification, particularly where shipping is to a different address, can cause delay in dispatch, as can unexpected stock issues. Please ensure your contact details are entered accurately so we can contact you to resolve any issues and prevent unnecessary delays.  If your need is particularly urgent then please contact us to ensure you are not disappointed.

Some items are marked as 'direct from supplier' or 'subject to availability check' and delivery is according to the suppliers stock levels and carrier service for these items. We aim to keep you informed of expected delivery as the order is processed. Please check with us before ordering if your need is time critical on these items.

Dispatches are made Monday to Friday, except Bank Holidays. 

Delivery times are from dispatch, counted in working days rather than elapsed days, and dependant on the service used. For most orders your will have a choice of delivery service as part of the checkout process, including First Class and Second Class and Special delivery services through the Royal Mail to UK addresses (please see for the service definitions if you are not sure). Our free delivery option on orders over £50 is normally up to 3 days for delivery. For overseas shipments delivery is normally within a week.

Q. Can I track my order?

A. If you choose a shipping option with tracking, we will send you the tracking reference and carrier name when your shipment is prepared for dispatch. This also applies on overseas orders and most free deliveries,

To monitor progress of your delivery go to the carriers website and use the tracking number provided in their tracking form.

N.B.: Royal Mail tracking does not start until they have collected from us and logged the shipment in at their sorting centre. This is usually in the evening of the day of dispatch.

Q. I want to return product(s), how do I do it?

A. The returns information should be on the shipping document in with your order or can be found online in our terms and conditions or through this link for new, unused, suitable for resale items. Free returns can be provided for most orders.

If you should find a fault with a product we have supplied, please discontinue use of the product and contact us by phone or email as soon as the fault is identified. We will establish the nature of the fault and what remedial action is appropriate.

Q. How quickly will I receive a refund if I return something?

A. Returns are processed in batches once or twice a week. Once the products have been checked as being in unused condition, refunds are initiated. The monies are returned to the original source of the payment, e.g. your PayPal account or your credit or debit card account.  How quickly the refund shows in your account depends on the terms of that account and can be from instant to several days.

Q. Do you ship to my country?

A. We currently only ship to UK and western European addresses. If your location does not appear in the country list in the checkout then we do not ship there.

Q. Do you ship to highlands and islands of the UK?

A. Any product under 5kg in weight can be shipped to any UK address for our standard postage costs, including highlands and islands (IOM, Jersey, Guernsey, etc.) and BFPO addresses. 

Posts, large equipment or bulk orders are limited to UK Mainland addresses or may be subject to a delivery surcharge. Please call or email for a quote if you are unsure. 

Q. How much does shipping cost to my location? 

A. All shipping costs are dependent on the size and weight of the items ordered and the destination and speed of delivery.  

Free standard delivery is offered on most orders to any UK address.

If you want to check the cost of options for shipping your order, e.g. express delivery, then a postage estimate is available in the cart or checkout. Some special shipping requirements are detailed in the product listing. One such example is posts, where shipping to UK mainland (excluding Highlands) is usually included but other areas will need to be quoted for.

Q. Any advice on inflating my basketball? 

A. Most balls are supplied uninflated or partially inflated. All basketballs will need topping up from time to time. This might be each time you play or once every several weeks depending on the ball. To maintain your basketball you will need a suitable pump and needle adaptor.

Most basketballs have a valve that requires a 2mm needle adaptor. Avoid using a needle adaptor that needs force to insert in the valve as this will damage your ball.

Always lubricate the needle before inserting in the valve - use water / softsoap / spit.

Q. How hard should basketballs be inflated? 

A. Most balls have a pressure guide or 6 to 9 psi printed on them near the valve. This is a low pressure compared to car or bike tyres,

WARNING:- Over-inflation can cause permanent misshaping or damage to your ball or even cause the ball to burst.

As a rough guide, inflate until just firm to touch.

FIBA guidelines state that if dropped from 180cm (6ft) on to a firm playing surface, the ball should bounce back to  to between 120 and 140cm (about 2/3rds the height dropped from).

If the bounce is too low, top up with one or two pumps and test again,

If your ball bounces higher than recommended, we advise you let some air out and correct the pressure. Training with an over-inflate ball will not be effective for developing ball handling skills, as a match ball at the correct pressure will behave very differently from an over-inflated ball.

Q. Do you offer sponsorship? 

We have taken the decision to support all players of basketball by offering a good value service and staying within the suppliers' recommended price range. 

Individuals benefit from free UK shipping and returns on almost everything in our online shop.  

For clubs and teams we offer bulk discounts on 3 or more balls and up to 20% off on the RRP of kits and Teamwear. We also offer reduced pricing on customisation/printing of teamwear in exchange for advertising SwiSh on the kits.

Therefore we do not offer direct sponsorship to individuals or teams as the number of requests we get far outstrips our means. We aim to give good value to all rather than charge higher prices to most for the benefit of a few.

We wish you well with any endeavours to raise sponsorship, and also with your teams’ development on the basketball court and hope you find benefit in our pricing structure for all our services and products as offered.

Q. Will you price match if I find a product cheaper elsewhere? 

Sorry, no, we do not do price matching.

As every retailer sets different pricing policies / gets stock at different times / has a different supply prices due to currency rates and order volumes / etc., we would soon go out of business if we price matched everyone else’s lowest price without regards to our own policies and overheads.

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