About SwiSh

Having started trading in the late summer of 2005, SwiSh continues to work hard at extending its catalogue to provide the following advantages to basketball players:

  • easy access
  • choice of style
  • all sizes catered for
  • comprehensive range
  • top brands for the sport

The idea for SwiSh developed from our personal experiences. As a family we had spent many hours over several years trying to hunt down the kit wanted or needed for our three boys to play basketball. Shops stocking any range of basketball kit were few and far between and those stocking a good range even scarcer.

The cost and time of trips round local shops, the the nearest big shopping town or to central London, only to find they hadn't got what we wanted, became a real burden. Even the largest sports stores often only pay lip-service to basketball players' requirements.

At the time there were other basketball suppliers, but from our experience they were mostly aimed at clubs, teams and schools, and supplied equipment rather than footwear and apparel. Where footwear and apparel was stocked the range of sizes and styles was very often limited and mostly for men.

So, the answer - a specialist basketball outlet with a good range of stock for all sizes and shapes of basketball player. And here it is - SwiSh - offering the UKs largest choice of basketball related products from one retailer.

Our range includes basketball shoes and boots, practice gear, uniforms, street wear, kit bag, posts, hoops, nets and balls - in fact everything a basketball player needs to look and play the part! And, as our aim is to provide what you want and need, we welcome your input - just let us know what you're looking for and we will do our best to find it! Contact SwiSh.

Our full product range is in our online shop - with up to date stock levels. Orders are taken online or by phone and most are dispatched within 1 working day of receipt of payment.

Gone is the need to hunt for and travel to the few shops that stock basketball gear in your favourite brand, only to find they have a limited range and sizes available. Here at SwiSh we are putting in the effort when sourcing our stock so you can easily choose the right thing for you.

We hope your find our services to your liking - happy browsing! - and let us know what you think. 

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